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And…We Are Back!

Folks, it’s been a long, tough slog, but Shiny Book Review is back!

Note that we have a slightly different address — it’s now shinybookreviews (with an -s) dot com — but we are the same people, Barb Caffrey and Jason Cordova, doing the same things.

I plan to have a review up on Thursday, a two-for-one special in honor of New Year’s Eve — I’m going to review Rysa Walker’s novella “Time’s Mirror” and her final novel in the Chronos Files series, TIME’S DIVIDE. So keep an eye on this space, as Jason and I will have reviews in the New Year…and I know that guest reviewer Noah Hill told me he, too, will have some books to review also. (We keep hoping he’ll join us permanently, but thus far, he’d rather be a guest reviewer. Ah, well.)

So…see you on Thursday!

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