Stuff Christians Like — An amusing look into the mindset of the conservative

You know you do it. Sitting in church one day, you glance around and think to yourself “I wonder who’s going to do that weird/annoying thing first this week?” and immediately feel ashamed for having said thoughts. How were we supposed to know that almost every other person in the church was having that very same thought?

Jonathan Acuff‘s hilarious take on everything under the sun involving Christianity is the theme for his breakout novel, Stuff Christians Like. Tackling everything from church prayer groups (introducing the hilarious moniker of the “prayer blocker”) to that feeling of insecurity a parishioner has upon realizing that the minister has a nicer car than they, Acuff exposes the very thoughts of practicing Christians for public dissemination while keeping some (albeit a very narrow definition of the word) dignity in his book.

The book is more of a field guide, come to think of it. Imagine if you were traversing dangerous lands of Christianity, and you needed a book to help guide you safely through. Stuff Christians Like is the book that 9 out of 10 of the people who went before you would recommend. Biting yet honest, funny and eye-opening, Acuff has hit something here that many writers wish they would have thought of first.

Oh, and he talks about the “Casserole of Hope”, which brings to mind all the casserole people brought over when my aunt died many years ago. Sad but true, you know? I mean, ever had a tragedy and someone (invariably someone you don’t know that well) brings you a casserole? Yeah, Acuff calls it the “Casserole of Hope”. Puts a whole new spin onto “The Audacity of Hope” now, doesn’t it?

If only our president had baked us a casserole…

Stuff Christians Like is hilarious, with little illustrations inside providing many hours of enjoyment. The rereading value is high, since you can always whip it out and shove it in your pastor’s face without the fear of being clubbed by his five-ton bible. It’s also a great conversational piece (Hey Larry, you know when we were at church last week? Yeah, you were totally in the “hot pie” position when you were feeling the Spirit, man) and sits well on any coffee table, begging to be picked up by curious friends who come to visit.

Buy this book, it’s great. Acuff has a winner here to go along with his successful website.

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